Tatsuya Ejima

Why are you studying Japanese now? Also, why do you want to come to Japan to study? I think there are many reasons for this, such as "I'm interested in Japanese culture", "I like Japanese manga and anime" and "I thought it would be better to study in Japan for my future".
I'm sure you are studying hard Japanese now, but the way you study Japanese in Japan is very different. That is, to study "Japanese" in "Japanese". People from all over the world gather at the Japanese language school. Therefore, instead of using English or the language of your country or region, the teachers will teach "Japanese" to you in "Japanese". As a result, you may not understand what you are studying and lose your confidence. However, as long as you have a solid goal (dream) for the future, I don't think you will lose confidence. Think about your future goals (dreams) while you can.
We say, "I'm sure you can do it. Believing in the saying "Dreams come true", we will support you in your school life. Let's grow up together at Asahi Japanese Language School.


Annual schedule


April Entrance ceremony for April freshmen, Orientation
May Golden week holiday, Special class (Japanese culture/history of Nagasaki), health checkup
June Report on the status to parents
July JLPT examination, Tanabata (Star the Festival), sea bathing, Guideline for Educational Advancement
August Summer vacation, Supplementary lesson
September Tour the company, final exam
October Entrance Ceremony for October Freshmen, orientation
November Report on the status to parents
December JLPT Examination, winter vacation
January New Year’s Day, Final Exam
February Tour the company
March Graduation ceremony, Spring vacation