Tatsuya Ejima

A new Asahi Japanese Language School will be opened in October 2018.
Nagasaki is often called a "City of Slopes", and our school could be a proof, because it is built at the middle of the hill. with an amazing view. From the past until now, among the citizens of Nagasaki, the feelings of familiarity with foreigners are warmly reflected.
Good relationships with foreign countries lead us to have a pleasure to welcome new young people from around the world.
As we say: "Your dream will come true, just believe in yourself!", we believe that every student can reach own dream.
Surely, while studying and learning a new language, there might be many difficulties and struggles.
However, in the end, we warmly wish you might say: "I am glad for this experience and being here.", and therefore, we hope you would have a great time during your stay. We hope that number of students from abroad interested to study Japanese in Nagasaki will increase, and we would be happy to teach them to study Japanese together.
We are looking forward to learn Japanese together with everyone who is interested in Japanese language, culture, and diversities between cultures.

Executive Director
Tatsuya Ejima

Annual schedule


April Entrance ceremony for April freshmen, Orientation
May Golden week holiday, Special class (Japanese culture/history of Nagasaki), health checkup
June Report on the status to parents
July JLPT examination, Tanabata (Star the Festival), sea bathing, Guideline for Educational Advancement
August Summer vacation, Supplementary lesson
September Tour the company, final exam
October Entrance Ceremony for October Freshmen, orientation
November Report on the status to parents
December JLPT Examination, winter vacation
January New Year’s Day, Final Exam
February Tour the company
March Graduation ceremony, Spring vacation