Nagasaki prefecture


Asahi Japanese Language School is located in a unique city, which historical roots are connected with foreign countries, such China and Holland (European countries) from the 17th century.(and with many others for centuries) While walking in the city, you can still experience both of the foreign cultures, such building architecture, historical places, many of them now part of UNESCO heritage, and their varieties in local festivals.

Annual event in Nagasaki


April Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival / End of April
May the boy’s festival / May 5th
June "Otakusa" Hydrangea Festival / Late May to Early June
July Nagasaki port festival (Nagasaki Peiron Championship & Port Festival) / End of July
August The Spirit Boat Procession / Shourounagashi / Annually on August 15th
September Mid-Autumn harvest festival in Nagasaki China town, Nagasaki Kyoryuchi Festival, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival / Middle and End of September
October Nagasaki Kunchi / Okunchi /October 7th , 8th and 9th
Takengei (Wakamiya Inari Shrine's Autumn Festival) October 14th and 15th
December Christmas / December 25th
New Year’s Eve /December 31th
January New Year’s Day /January 1st
February Nagasaki Lantern Festival (Lunar New Year)
March Doll festival / March 3rd




  • 2 hours by JR
  • 2 and a half hours by highway bus

Surrounding area


[supermarket: SEIYU]
A 10 minutes walk northward from this school.
[shopping streets: SUMIYOSHI]
About 11 minutes walk southward from this school.
[Streetcar stop: AKASAKO]
The streetcar running in Nagasaki city area takes time about 9 minutes walk northward from this school.