The newly constructed Japanese College will be completed on October of 2018. The instructors have over 10 years of experience teaching Japanese language and some have even taught abroad. We can support your transition into life in Japan. We will teach you and expand your Japanese through learning and community based on exercises in everyday Nagasaki.

Fully facility
Quiet environment
Wi-Fi Fully equipped



The instructors have many years of training and experience in the class setting. We will support your studies to the best of our ability.

At school you will take a placement test on different subjects and at varying levels to develop your language ability.

Not only do we support your Japanese goals, but also your dreams.

If you return home, you will be able to describe your experience since you will be exposed to Nagasaki’s unique culture and history.

We will support your life in Japan to the best of our ability with a place to live, part time jobs and other needs.